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I know I know, it’s hardly back to school and I’m already talking about Christmas. It really is for your own good (and my sanity)! I booked up so fast last year that I could barely fit everyone in before the holidays!

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Commercial Photos

From commercial work in real estate and agriculture to lifestyle photography and intimate portraits, Ronnie Esparza brings talent, training, intuition and heart to every assignment.

Portrait Sessions

Perfect for couples, families with babies, and children.


Ronnie Esparza has worked hard to become a great photographer. Passionate about his craft, the self-taught East Salinas native knew that acquiring technical skills was just the beginning. Along the way he developed an artistic vision that allowed him to uncover stories and fresh ways to capture them. Relying on his natural curiosity, he’s able to find something unique and beautiful in the most ordinary scenes. Blessed with unique people skills, the gregarious Esparza has an innate ability to connect and communicate with others. Knowing how to read people and how to adapt to the personality of a subject allows him to better draw out their true selves. From commercial work in agriculture, equine and real estate to lifestyle photography and intimate portraits, Ronnie brings talent, discipline and the rare elements of human warmth and intuition to every assignment.

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